red ferrari

Ferrari in a red color.

unique cars

Unique cars nice look 
Never seen before

 Unique car which looks like a bike
 One more unique cars which look like a lady's sandal


Bugatti made of diamond.


Bugatti is cars nice and beautiful looking.
Nice Bugatti

tronlegacy bike

TronLegacy bike
The bike in the Film 'TronLegacy' was shown now it,s not only art of computer by the hard work of engineer
this this bike is made.The TronLegacy bike is 8 foot long and it,s weight is 474 pond and speed is 120 miles per hour.
People like that to use the things shown in films.It has got tiers of Truck.It,s every part sine in it fibar glass core and still frame is fixed.In it Suzuki 996cc four stroke engine is built.It has got space H this bike there is a pod for iPad and also got on board Computer.It is made same as shown in film.

world fastest bike

world fastest bike

Motor bikes are always famous due to there speed.But now Suzuki company has made a fastest Bike
ever made by any company.Name of the bike is GSX1300R Hayabusa this bike runs 194 mile per hour
this bike got 1349cc four strike liquid cool engine.Due to Engine and Modern controlling system this is better then a car.

2011 car of the year

2011 car of the year is Nissan Leaf Electric car.It run by Electric and it is the car of the year.

car reviews

In this year many new cars were introduce but some of the best car reviews are there.

modified cars pictures

modified cars pictures

Modified Cars images

 Nice modified cars pictures